The Allergy and immunology Clinic at Shaare Zedek Medical Center treats both children and adults in two areas:
Examination and treatment of children and adults suffering from food allergies, drug allergies [link to pdf file], atopic dermatitis/contact allergy, urticaria, anaphylaxis, rhinitis and asthma.
The clinic conducts skin tests with no need for a return visit and without needles.
Children and adults come to the clinic with a suspected deficiency or defect in the functioning of their immune system, mostly after repeated infections or simply for a more in-depth examination of their immunology.

Please make an appointment in advance and bring a payment guarantee from your HMO. To conduct the examination in the shortest and most efficient way, please come to the clinic with two payment guarantees - for a clinic visit and for an allergy test.
Do not take antihistamine drugs for at least 5 days before the tests.

Here are the codes for the payment guarantees you need so we can perform all initial tests in one visit:
Rhinitis, ocular allergies, food allergies (test for allergies to inhaled materials like dusts, house dust mites) – Ministry of Health code 95028
Skin allergies – rashes or ongoing eczemas/suspected contact allergies – patch testing (stickers) – Ministry of Health code 95044
Oral drugs or food challenges – a payment guarantee for the pediatric day hospital (ambulatory hospitalizatoin)