Take a tour of the Angiography Institute (in Hebrew)

The Angiography Institute at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center specializes in focused and micro-invasive treatments for vascular problems. Doctors employ advanced imaging technology using reduced radiation to insert a catheter into the damaged vessel and perform endoscopic repair. The Angio rooms are operating theaters equipped with all the equipment necessary to perform complex procedures with minimal radiation. 

Angiography (Vascular Interventional Radiology – VIR) allows treatment of many problems that used to require operations. Patients suffer less pain and recovery time is shortened.

Furthermore, the Institute houses a VIR clinic, in which our specialists diagnose and treat a broad range of disorders, including liver cancer (primary and metastatic), liver and gall bladder diseases that demand drainage, uterine myomas, dialysis access problems, peripheral vessel diseases and blood flow problems. If necessary, doctors will recommend a treatment protocol, refer to tests and medical procedures and of course monitor progress.

The institute serves as a national center of excellence in the following areas:

Dialysis Access Maintenance (for treating renal failure). Opening a blocked approach transplant using angioplasty, stents or thrombolysis (treatment for dissolving blood clots). 

Embolization of varicose veins in the scrotum, which can cause pain and infertility. The micro-invasive procedure has a similar success rate to the surgical alternative while recovery time is much shorter.

Vascular Defects (deficiencies in blood vessels and tumors). Congenital damage related to abnormal blood vessel development. The defects can cause pain, functioning difficulties and esthetic problems. A designated clinic at Shaare Zedek deals with these defects.