The Combined Center for Complementary Medicine is an integral part of the medical services provided by the Shaare Zedek Medical Center. It was established in 1999 with the aim of promoting the study of complementary medicine and examining ways to integrate it into conventional medicine for the benefit of the patients.  

Many topics fall under the framework of complementary medicine; therefore, a decision was made to focus on two main areas backed by a body of scientific evidence and supported by clinical experience – Chinese medicine and homeopathy.
The Center works in conjunction with many departments in the hospital, in the belief that an astute combination of conventional and complementary medicine is the optimal way to maximize the patient's health.
A conventional physician, together with the patient, decides which treatment is best for the patient. Modification or discontinuation of conventional treatment is carried out by the doctor alone, and if possible, in conjunction with the referring physician.
The Division of General Surgery enables complementary medical treatment to be included as part of its hospitalization process. The purpose of these treatments is to help the patient deal with the anxiety and tension before surgery and with the pain, healing and strengthening of body and soul after it. These treatments are non-invasive and have no side effects. All treatments are coordinated with the surgical staff and are free of charge. 

Treatment within the unit is carried out in two stages:

  1. A visit to the triage doctor. As part of this process, the patient will meet with the unit manager who will review the medical documents, and examine him or her if necessary. At the same meeting, the patient will determine what treatment is best – homeopathy or Chinese medicine.

  2. A visit to the homeopath or a Chinese therapy practitioner, in accordance with the treatment protocol.