A clinical trial for women with symphysiolysis, pain in the front of the pelvis, which is aggravated during walking and posture change - click for more details. 

Clinical trial for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome - click for more details


The Center's main research topics are:

  1. Clinical research of complementary medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture.

  2. Basic research of alternative medicine. 

  3. Philosophy and ethics of complementary medicine. 

  4. Methodology of research methods of alternative medicine.

The aim of the research conducted at the Center is to examine, using conventional research methods, the efficacy of complementary medicine methods and their implementation within the conventional medical system.
Three complementary clinical trials are being conducted at the Combined Center for Complementary Medicine, and it is also involved in a further two trials:

  1. The effect of complementary medicine on recovery from cardiothoracic surgery. 

  2. The effect of homeopathic remedies on recovery from mastectomy. 

  3. The effect of homeopathic drugs on premenstrual syndrome. 

  4. The effect of homeopathic treatment on AIDS patients who do not respond to conventional therapy (this trial takes place in Tanzania). 

  5. Homeopathic treatment of oncology patients (the trial takes place in Vienna).

In addition, the Center is involved in a joint effort with Hadassah's Clinical Virology Unit, and the Integrative Systems Biology, US Army Medical Research and Material Command, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, to investigate the effects of homeopathic drugs on cell cultures that have been infected with viruses. 

Complementary medicine treatment is not included in the government healthcare service basket and therefore patients (apart from hospital inpatients) must pay for it.