"Like a Scarlet Thread” – The Multi-Disciplinary Clinic for Girls and Young Adults

Childhood and adolescence are characterized by a range of unique disorders often treated simultaneously by a number of specialists in different fields – gynecology, hematology, endocrinology, etc. The nature of these disorders often demands multi-disciplinary consultation so that progress can be made in the diagnosis while providing closely monitored and comprehensive treatment.
The Multi-Disciplinary Clinic for Young and Adolescent Girls at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center affords a central address for mutual multi-disciplinary consultation. The integrated service is provided in cooperation with the Gynecological Department and the Pediatric Day Hospital and is designated for young and adolescent girls (through age 21) suffering from integrated disorders.
Clinic staff diagnose and treat a range of disorders characteristic of this age range, including:
•    Anemia and iron deficiency following excess menstrual bleeding and abnormal bleeding
•    Clotting disorders and thrombocytopenia manifested in anemia and a tendency to bleed
•    Excessive coagulation disorders
•    Consultation for menstrual disorders in the light of background disease
•    Consultation for contraceptives in the light of background disease
•    PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), obesity and metabolic syndromes
•    Growth and sexual development disorders in the light of background disease
•    Structural disorders in genital system development
•    Monitoring gynecological malignancies
•    Monitoring non-gynecological malignancies
•    Consultation for ovary function analysis and fertility preservation
•    Hormonal and other chromosomal disorders affecting sexual development or menstrual abnormality, such as enzymatic disorders in the adrenal gland and Turner Syndrome