The Gynecology Department physicians at Shaare Zedek Medical Center treat all aspects of the female reproductive system: benign and malignant diseases, menstrual problems, infertility and medical problems affecting pregnancy and birth. In addition, our physicians provide counseling for women about hormonal treatments, contraception and intercourse problems.
Our physicians perform all forms of gynecological surgeries (when needed) - Gynecological Endoscopy, Gyneco-Oncology including radical treatments for women diagnosed with malignancies such as uterine cancer or ovarian cancer, and surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse.
Alongside the hospitalization department operates an Ambulatory Gynecology Unit that offers all treatments that do not require hospital stay. These include the Obstetric ER, Women's Clinics and Surgical Day Hospital. 
The 16 Women's Clinics provide a variety of gynecological and obstetric services that encompass all phases of a woman's life.
At the Surgical Day Hospital women receive such treatments as Surgical Hysteroscopy, intra-uterine operations to treat myomas, polyps, placenta residues and uterine partitions, as well as procedures such as curettage and other examinations that require a short sudation. 
Surgeries that require hospitalization are performed at the Gynecology Department. These include regular and radical hysterectomies and treatments for urinary incontinence. The surgical approach - open surgery, minimally-invasive surgery (laparoscopy) or approach through the vagina - is fitted for each patient individually based on her medical condition, to ensure the best result and the patient's safety.