16 unique clinics provide a variety of gynecological and obstetric services that encompass all phases of a woman's life. Each patient receives personalized medical and nursing care.
The physicians provide initial diagnosis, referral to surgeries and post-op follow-up, as well as counseling for women referred by their HMO doctor. The clinics are divided into two fields - gynecology and obstetrics, and offer, in addition to the routine treatments, small ambulatory procedures that require local anesthesia or no numbing at all, such as Hysteroscopy, Diagnostic Conization, Colposcopy and IUD placement. 

The staff includes senior physicians, nurses and a dietitian who specialized in OBGYN. All work in cooperation to provide the patients with multi-disciplinary care. 
After admittance by a secretary, you will be referred to the relevant clinic where a nurse will perform initial tests, followed by a physician's examination and counseling. At the end of the session you will receive instructions for further treatment, as needed. 

The nursing staff at the clinics is attentive and discreet, as the sensitive and intimate situation mandates. The nurses perform a variety of tests - blood tests, urine tests and weight and blood pressure measurements. They also assist the physicians in performing the different procedures and offer guidance to women in many subjects. 
The clinics also offer a special Day Hospital Unit to monitor women with abnormalities in their pregnancy. Here each woman receives individualized care. 

The clinics:
General Clinic, for post-op follow-ups and general counseling
Gyneco-Oncology Clinic, run by Prof. Uzi Beller
Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Unit, run by Dr. Revital Arbel
Cervix Clinic, run by Dr. Boris Zuckerman, Dr. Sagit Alon Arbel and Dr. Fayez Khatib
Noga Clinic, run by Pnina Mor, PhD
Bereshit Clinic for genetic counseling, run by Dr. Rachel Michaelson-Cohen
Menopause Clinic, run by Dr. Naama Srebnik-Moshe
High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic, run by Prof. Arnon Samueloff, Prof. Sorina Grisaru-Granovsky, Dr. Hen Sela and Dr. Yael Yekel Melamed
Gestational Diabetes Clinic, run by Prof. Arnon Samueloff, assisted by a midwife and a dietitian
Gynecological and Obstetrical Endocrinology Clinic, run by Dr. Orit Barenholz-Goultschin
Post-Partum Perineum Clinic, run by Dr. Revital Arbel, for monitoring 2nd and 3rd degree tears caused during childbirth
Congenital Defects Clinic, run by Dr. Ori Shen
Obstetric Care, performed by Dr. Orna Reichman, Dr. Yael Yekel Melamed, Dr. Ron Rabinowitz and Dr. Vladimir Plotkin
Benign Diseases of the Vulva and Vagina Clinic, run by Dr. Orna Reichman
Follow-Ups Clinic for women hospitalized due to pregnancy abnormalities
Pre-Operative Clinic for women about to undergo elective C-Section
General Gynecology Clinic, run by Dr. Fayez Khatib and Dr. Michael Shaia
Prenatal Anesthesia Counseling Clinic, run by Dr. Alexander Ioscovich