When beginning the IVF process, you are affected not only medically but personally. This journey has mental, relationship, familial, social and professional repercussions. Awareness of these wider aspects and addressing them may ease your way through this challenging time in your life. 
All couples undergoing IVF face complex life situations, each couple deals with them in their own way, with their own outlook and their own coping mechanisms. Each and every one of you has acquired your own "tool box". 
The IVF Department at Shaare Zedek Medical Center employs a social worker certified to counsel couples and families. She will be happy to meet with you, listen to you and help you expand your "tool box" and learn new coping skills. 
Below is a partial list of issues that couples undergoing IVF treatments might face. If you recognize yourselves in one of these items, or if other issues bother you, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Ruth Katzburg-Kadosh by phone or by email (see here on the right).
You can receive individual therapy or couple therapy as part of the services provided by the department. Each inquiry is personal, directly to the social worker, and confidentiality is guaranteed

Personal-mental process:
Disappointment due to "body betrayal". Am I really unable to get pregnant spontaneously? 
IVF includes invasive treatments, hormonal treatments that have physical and mental effects, uncertainty and anxiety. 

Relationship process:
My partner suffers "because of me" - accusation, guilt and shame.
The man is busy with work, sometimes it appears he's overly occupied by it. He doesn't tend to share with others. 
The woman needs more support, less busy with denial and feels guilty (even if her partner is the one with the fertility problem).
Loss of spontaneity in the relationship. 

Familial process: 
The family looks more at the stomach than at the face. 
How much of the intimate details do we share and how much do we keep between us and the trusted few. 
Can this secret be kept a secret?

Social process:
We grow distant from our friends because they are all expecting and we're the only ones left behind. 
Do we share what we're going through, and how much do we share. 

Professional process:
Do I tell my co-workers and my boss?
Is this the time to consider a career change?
Perhaps I should postpone furthering my education at the moment?