Laboratories Division

The clinical laboratories are an important and crucial part of modern medical work: in diagnosis, evaluating risk factors, monitoring treatment, assessing its effectiveness, etc. Similarly, the labs are active partners in the hospital's clinical research.

The labs run routine and special tests using innovative techniques and advanced equipment. More than 2.5 million tests a year – and more than 250 different test types – are conducted in our labs.

Tests are done while preserving international standards of quality control including daily internal and external checks assessing lab performance in comparison to others labs in Israel and abroad.

A skilled team is committed to providing a high level of service, constant improvement of results credibility and developing new and sophisticated testing.

Some of the labs work 24/7 all year round and are ready to provide emergency service at all times. 

Tests are performed at all hours of the day with the same equipment and methods and at the same levels of quality and trust to ensure treatment and monitoring consistency.

The labs also provide services to external organizations.

The division's activities are split between several laboratories displaying unique knowledge and a high professional level in each of the following areas:
•    Blood Bank, directed by Dr. Mira Naamad

•    Hematology Laboratory, directed by Dr. Yulia Abramowitz
•    Biochemistry, Endocrinology and Gastroenterology, directed by Mrs Nurit Algur MSc
•    Microbiology and Immunology, directed by Dr Mark Assous

The labs work together in areas of quality assurance with the aim of preserving and improving results credibility and accuracy and the quality of service to both doctors and patients while respecting their rights and privacy, making work processes more efficient to cope with the weight of the routine schedule without compromising on professionalism and innovation, acting to deepen knowledge and understanding in lab-related areas with the aim of reducing cases of inappropriate samples, working to intelligently use lab tests, preventing unnecessary tests, etc.