The new MRI Institute was opened in Shaare Zedek’s Imaging Division at the start of 2012. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology is at the heart of the diagnostic process for a wide range of diseases and injuries.
The scanner’s operation is based on the use of a very powerful magnetic field to scan tissues and limbs with precision. The resultant pictures give doctors an accurate reflection of the patient’s situation without the latter having to be exposed to the amount of radiation involved in other imaging methods such as X-rays and CTs.
Due to the pulling power of the scanner magnets, our MRI scanners are safely located in special areas that limit their magnetic fields. The 70 cm aperture to Shaare Zedek’s scanners is bigger than the standard opening.

Patients are asked to remove all metallic items and all areas within the magnetic field are equipped with security measures based on fingerprint identification to ensure authorized entry only.

The MRI Institute treats dozens of patients every day. It also conducts MRE (Magnetic Resonance Enterography) scans for small bowel imaging, and heart imaging. SZMC’s MRI Institute is one of the only places in Israel that performs imaging on patients with pacemakers.