Women at advanced stages of pregnancy are welcome to come to the Pre-Natal Anesthesiology Clinic for an examination and to receive recommendations as to the most suitable anesthesia for them. This advisory service is particularly recommended for women with any of the following problems:

Back problems accompanied by neurological damage or women who have been through back surgery

Blood coagulation disorders 

Extensive infection or infection in the area the needle is supposed to go into

Women receiving blood thinning substances (anticoagulants)

These women cannot have an epidural anesthesia and should receive alternative painkillers. 

Similarly, women suffering from chronic diseases and women who suspect – or the doctor suspects – they may be an uncommon case for the anesthetist, are also invited for an examination.

We have a wide range of solutions for these women, such an intravenous painkillers combined with laughing gas, hypnosis and smelling salts (effective mainly during the early stages of birth), and others.