The Obstetrics and Pregnancy Complications Department includes the delivery rooms, the maternity wards, the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit and the Obstetric Ultrasound Unit. 

About 16.000 women give birth at the Bayit VaGan Campus of Shaare Zedek each year. This is the busiest birthing center in Israel, with a low percentage of C-sections (less than 12%) and instrumental deliveries. 
The delivery rooms staff is trained and ready to assist in all types of deliveries. In addition to regular deliveries with a standard course of pregnancy, our delivery rooms care for women with high-risk pregnancies such as multiple births, pregnancy disorders (gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia) and pregnancies with underlying disorders (heart disease, IBD, hematological problems and malignancies). 

The department includes the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit that treats women that require constant monitoring and treatment during their pregnancy. The unit includes a specialized clinic that treats women with diabetes, IBD, heart and vascular problems, women after organ transplant and more. 

The Obstetric Ultrasound Unit evaluates the mother and her fetus and is vital in locating and diagnosing possible problems with the fetus or the pregnancy. 

The Obstetric ER treats all the women that come to SZ to deliver their baby as well as women who experience medical problems during their pregnancy, such a bleeding or cramping. This is where the initial evaluation of the woman and her fetus is done. Women in labor are treated here until the active stage of the delivery, at which point they are moved to a private delivery room. Women with pregnancy complications may be hospitalized, according to medical judgment.