A Glorious Past, Facing the Future

Located at the heart of Jerusalem, Shaare Zedek Medical Center has played a central role in the city's life and its population over the years. Shaare Zedek is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary medical center, the largest in Jerusalem, offering advanced services in numerous specialties within modern medicine. With over a thousand beds across thirty departments, the medical center also operates more than seventy units and clinics, all dedicated to constant development of sophisticated resources to provide our visitors with the most advanced and best possible care available.


Since 1902, Shaare Zedek Medical Center has been providing excellent medical services for the well-being of the residents of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Ever since its doors opened as a 20-bed hospital on Jaffa Street, Shaare Zedek has played a significant role in the city's development. Its name in Hebrew reflects its essence, as a center that caters to the diverse population of Jerusalem, encompassing all races, religions, and nationalities. The center has earned commendable recognition in Jerusalem, the country, and the broader medical community for providing highly sought-after medical services, thanks to its meticulous blend of advanced medicine and heartfelt care.

The Campus

Today, Shaare Zedek is situated in an area of approximately 45,000 square meters at the foothills of Mount Herzl. Together with patient visits, it is the only large hospital located in central sites within the city. The campus of the medical center, which was completed in 1979, comprises ten interconnected buildings as well as extensive parking space. Since its inception and through its current structure, Shaare Zedek has evolved from a respected regional hospital into a comprehensive multi-disciplinary medical center with a global reputation for excellence in various fields.

In 2016, a new master plan was approved by the local planning and construction committee, which will expand the hospital's area to 82 dunams (approximately 20 acres), and the construction rights will be extended to 283,000 square meters.

In 2016, the Wilf Children's Hospital was inaugurated at Shaare Zedek, and all units that care for children and newborns, including inpatient care, day hospital, and clinics, were moved there. Currently, in the western part of the campus, a cancer treatment center is being established, and underneath it, a parking building with over 800 parking spaces is being constructed.

The Staff

At Shaare Zedek, there are over 5,000 employees, including doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and administrative and maintenance staff. Among them are many internationally renowned doctors and nurses who participate in cutting-edge research for the development of innovative treatments. The efforts of the staff are further amplified by the assistance of approximately 700 volunteers (including national service volunteers) who provide a variety of support services in all hospital departments.

Constant Alert

The main ten-story building stands out in the heart of the Shaare Zedek complex. The three lower floors accommodate the most essential services, including operating rooms, the emergency medicine department (triage), the pharmacy, and the medical and sterile supply. These departments were intentionally constructed underground initially to ensure uninterrupted operations of life-saving treatments even in times of conflict or any type of attack. The hospital has extensive experience in treating a wide range of trauma and emergency cases, and we are prepared to provide quick and efficient care in mass casualty events. In 2016, the hospital inaugurated a brain system that enables optimal treatment for head injuries as well.

During periods of conflict, the medical center has strengthened its historical ties with the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). Today, more than 12,000 soldiers are treated at Shaare Zedek annually, and the hospital collaborates with the IDF on emergency preparedness as well. Shaare Zedek has been declared the regional center for treating victims of chemical and biological warfare.

Academic Affiliation

Functioning as a prestigious research and academic institute, Shaare Zedek Hospital serves as a training ground for medical students. It is affiliated with the Hebrew University's Medical School in Jerusalem. This affiliation enriches and benefits both the hospital and the medical school, contributing to the advancement of research, education, and medical care simultaneously.

A Look to the Future

Shaare Zedek is a private-public medical center that doesn't rely on state funding. The ongoing activities of the hospital are financed through medical services, while also depending on the generosity of friends worldwide to fund research, upgrade vital equipment, and strengthen and expand its services and facilities.

Every day, we recommit to the vision of integrating advanced technological care with sensitivity to the patient's needs, a vision that has characterized Shaare Zedek since the early 20th century. The medical center takes pride in its prominent position at the forefront of healthcare in Israel and on the international stage.