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Defined by advanced healthcare delivered with compassion, Shaare Zedek Medical Center is Jerusalem’s fastest-growing hospital. With over a million patients treated annually, the hospital has an international reputation for excellence and innovation in several disciplines, both clinical care and medical research. 

As a non-profit institution providing care to the general public regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, Shaare Zedek is heavily reliant on the generosity of friends across the globe to carry out research, upgrade vital equipment, and continuously maintain and further expand its facilities.

The hospital's position at the forefront of medical care is made possible through your support and generosity. Thank you for your partnership!

Donations to Shaare Zedek are recognized for tax purposes in accordance with Section 46. Likewise, donations to Shaare Zedek are recognized for tax purposes according to section 4

For questions regarding specific circumstances in Israel or abroad, please contact us by email at