דלג לתפריט הראשי (מקש קיצור n) דלג לתוכן הדף (מקש קיצור s) דלג לתחתית הדף (מקש קיצור 2)

Disclaimer - Terms of Use

Welcome to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center (registered NGO) website (hereafter “the site” or “Shaare Zedek”). Use of the site, including its contents and the services within it, confirms your agreement to these conditions and so you are asked to read them carefully.
These conditions apply to use of the site and its contents via any computer or other communication device (cellular phone, tablet, etc.) Similarly, they apply to using the site via the Internet or through any other network or communications media.
Conditions for using the site are phrased in the masculine for convenience’s sake but they of course refer to men and women alike.


Use of the Site

You are authorized to use the site’s contents and services in accordance with the regulations below. You must not use the contents and/or services of the site in any other way, unless you have received explicit permission, in advance and in writing, from Shaare Zedek. And this subject to the agreement conditions (if any were stipulated.)
You are only permitted to use the site for personal purposes. You must not copy and use, or allow others to use, content from the site in any way, include other websites, online advertising, printed materials etc, for any aim, whether commercial or not, that is not for your private and personal use.
You must not connect the site to any site containing pornographic and/or vitriolic and/or offensive content or sites encouraging racism and/or discrimination and/or violence, or illegal sites or sites with illegal advertising or encouraging illegal activity.
Shaare Zedek will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by entering data on the site and/or from any link from the site. You bear full and exclusive responsibility for any link, presentation, advertisement or content and data you enter on the site and you are obliged to compensate Shaare Zedek for any damage caused as a result.
It is completely forbidden to distort the material on this site, to present it in a deceptive way, interfere with it, change it or do anything to reduce its value and/or damage the reputation or the name of the copyright holders.


Medical Information on the Site

The information published on the site is intended solely for general knowledge and orientation.
You hereby exempt Shaare Zedek, its managers, employees and anyone working on its behalf, in its name or for it, of any responsibility as detailed below. You hereby declare that you know – because of the character of the content on the site – that you may come across content akin to recommendations and/or advice and/or medical news and you agree that you will have no claim and/or demand and/or charge against Shaare Zedek regarding this.
In light of this, you hereby exempt Shaare Zedek, its managers, employees and anyone working on its behalf of any responsibility for any shortcoming or error in the information, including and without affecting the generalities described above, in the content and for any loss or damage, direct, indirect or other caused during or as a result of using the information.
The information on the site is not intended to create any doctor-patient or therapist-patient relationships between you and Shaare Zedek.
The information does not serve as advice or medical guidance and cannot be an alternative to consulting a qualified doctor or health service provider of any type. The user of this information does so solely at his own risk.


Content and Data that Users Submit to the Site

Shaare Zedek does not bear any responsibility for content or data that users submit to the site. The sole responsibility is upon the user who published them. When you send or submit content to the site, you have the full and exclusive responsibility for any consequences resulting from this content. You must ensure this kind of content is legal and reliable.
Similarly, Shaare Zedek is not responsible for damage caused following the sending of confidential or sensitive medical information via the website.


Services Needing Registration

On the site you may find services that need registration. You can benefit from any such service and use it after you have completed the registration process, submitted the required details and signed the online agreement accompanying the service.
When you register for the service you will be asked to enter personal details: first name, surname, ID, phone and active email address. You must only submit correct, accurate and full details and authorize the validity of the details you submitted. Wrong details are liable to discontinue your service and to prevent us getting in touch with you if necessary. Shaare Zedek is allowed to keep the information you submitted at the time of registration in a database owned by Shaare Zedek. There is no legal obligation to submit the information but without submitting it you may not be able to use the service you registered for.

Intellectual Property
All copyrights and intellectual property on the site, in the services offered on it and all site content, belongs to Shaare Zedek or a third party that allowed Shaare Zedek to use it.
No part of this site may be reproduced, distributed, sold or transmitted in any form by you or a third party or by any means, including photocopying, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Shaare Zedek or other rights holders according to the matter and subject to agreement conditions (if relevant). This directive is also valid for any processing, editing or translation implemented by Shaare Zedek to content you entered or submitted to the site.
In the event of agreement being given as stated, you must not remove, erase or interfere with any announcement or symbol regarding intellectual property rights, such as the copyright symbol© or trademarks®, accompanying the content you are using.


Changes to the Site and Cessation of Services

Shaare Zedek can change the site’s structure, design and look from time to time. Likewise the extent and accessibility of the services on it. It is authorized to charge payment for content and services as it sees fit, and will be permitted to change any other aspect of the site – and all of it – without having to inform you in advance. These changes will be implemented, among other things, after considering the dynamic nature of the Internet and technological and other changes. By definition, changes of this kind could involve hitches and/or cause inconvenience at first. You will not have any charge, claim and/or demand against Shaare Zedek about implementing these changes as stated and/or hitches that occur as a result.
Without detracting in any way from the above, Shaare Zedek is allowed to stop all or part of the services on the site at any time. Upon cessation of the services, Shaare Zedek will keep the material on the site for an additional reasonable amount of time, and afterwards it will be allowed to erase it without backup and without giving any additional notice to that effect.


Judicial Authority

This agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive judicial authority to judge any conflict arising from this agreement will only be given to an authorized court in Jerusalem. Without detracting from the generality or the support given by the regulations of each judgment, Shaare Zedek will be allowed to stop immediately, unilaterally and without any advance notice, the provision of services on the site, without any action being taken against it.

Your use of this site is at your responsibility.