About Shaare Zedek

Introducing SZMC

Shaare Zedek is the largest multi-disciplinary medical center in Jerusalem, offering advanced services in most specialties. With a constant commitment to improve and provide our patients with the best possible care, the 1000-bed facility treats hundreds of thousands of patients per year in its 30  departments and 70  out-patient clinics .

Shaare Zedek - panoramic view

Shaare Zedek Medical Center has been providing top-level medical care for the people of Jerusalem since 1902, when it began as a 20-bed hospital on Jaffa Road. Named after the biblical term “Gates of Justice,” Shaare Zedek has responded to the needs of Jerusalem’s diverse population from its very first day of operation, treating patients of every race, religion and nationality. 
Now, over a century later, Shaare Zedek has become synonymous with advanced medicine, compassionate care and many of the brightest medical minds in Israel.


Shaare Zedek - the original building

The Campus
Shaare Zedek is located on an 11-acre campus directly opposite Mount Herzl. Along with our Bikur Cholim branch, we are Jerusalem’s only centrally located hospital. The hospital complex, completed in 1979, comprises 10 interconnected buildings  and an expansive parking area. Since occupying its current location, Shaare Zedek has become a major multi-disciplinary medical center with an international reputation for excellence. The Local Planning and Building Committee approved in 2016 a new master plan to expand the hospital's territory to approx. 20 acres and the building priviledges to 283,000 sq. meters. 
In 2016 we opened the Wilf Children's Hospital, that now houses all our pediatric units - hospitalization, day hospital and clinics. 

Bikur Cholim - the city-center campus
The Bikur Cholim Hospital was annexed to Shaare Zedek in 2013. Today it is an integral part of the hospital and subject to the same rules and regulations. The historic building hosts two maternity wards, a NICU, an Internal Medicine Department, a Gastroenterology Institute and several outpatient clinics. 

Our Babies
The Wilf Woman and Infant Center welcomed over 22,000 new babies into the world during 2019, making Shaare Zedek's maternity department the most active in the country. 
Shaare Zedek also offers advanced IVF treatments , in collaboration with the Medical Genetics Institute, for couples who have difficulty getting pregnant. This includes innovative technologies for fetal diagnosis and pregnancy screening tests using CMA (chromosomal microarray analysis).


Nursery D

SZMC employs over 5,000  workers (doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and administrative and maintenance personnel). Many members of our medical team are globally respected in their fields and still others are involved in groundbreaking research into new treatments and therapies. The staff is further enhanced through the efforts of 700 volunteers, who offer a wide range of support services in departments throughout the hospital.

Always Prepared
he lower three floors of the main building house the hospital’s most vital services, including the operating theaters, ER, a pharmacy and medical and sterile supplies. These units are all intentionally located below ground level to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of all life-saving activities even in the event of war or terrorist attacks.
The hospital has gained vast experience in dealing with all types of trauma and emergency medicine and is set to provide speedy and efficient treatment in mass casualty events. Since opening the Brain Center in 2016 we are also set to treat head trauma. 
Over the years, we have cultivated a strong relationship with the Israel Defense Forces. We treat more than 12,000 soldiers every year. The hospital also collaborates with the IDF on emergency preparedness and is the designated regional center for treating chemical and biological attack victims. 


Trauma Unit

Academic Affiliation
As well as its clinical prowess, Shaare Zedek is a highly esteemed academic and research institution, serving as a teaching hospital affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Looking to the Future
Shaare Zedek receives no financial support from the Israeli government. It relies on the generosity of friends around the world to fund research, upgrade vital equipment and continuously maintain and further expand its facilities. 
As we continue to grow, we are fully committed to the highest standards of international medicine and the compassionate care that has been our trademark for over 115 years. We will strive to constantly improve, innovate and work hard to maintain our position at the forefront of medicine in Israel and around the world.